Ajtechy LLC provides streamlined computer repair service to resolve any technical issues in PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets or even computer peripherals like printers. Our Technicians are highly trained and have expertise solving PC issues efficiently and in time frame, solving PC issues efficiently to provide a quick resolution every single time.

We specialize in providing computer repair, resolving software issues, and providing technical support for platforms like Macintosh and Microsoft Windows among others.

Always available when you need us!

Internet issues and intermittent Wi-Fi connection can hamper productivity, and so can the erratic performance of Microsoft Office and other allied utility programs. But worry not; to resolve all such issues, Advance Tech Tools is just a phone call away!

Experts at Advance Tech Tools can troubleshoot and resolve PC-related technical issues in no time. Our services are available 24×7, and we are dedicated to assist our customers with any and every PC related issue that they face.

Our Services Included:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Networking
  • Optimization